A Thirst for Change: Beverage Innovations in Natural & Organic
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Drinks are a hub of innovation and this category is often the first place a trend presents itself – be it an emerging ingredient, lifestyle choice, or dietary preference – before fanning out to the other aisles of the store. Join us to hear about what’s trending in the segment, why shoppers are willing to experiment here, where we're seeing organic ingredient innovation and more!

Resources: Thirst_for_Change_Beverage_Innovations.pdf

Date & Time
Thursday September 21st, 2023 1:00pm EDT
End Date & Time
Thursday September 21st, 2023 2:00pm EDT
Level 200, Room 201 A
Level 200, Room 201A
Philadelphia, PA
United States
bbeb6a83e1c137585fe9b2ab1ba5219e-huge-juScott Dicker
Market Insights Director, SPINS
Scott Dicker is a Market Insights Director for SPINS, a leading wellness-focused data company and advocate for the Natural Products Industry. With a background in nutrition, he believes in the importance of making wellness options more accessible to everyone and that demystifying data can make that happen. By delving into omnichannel comprehensive market wide data, he identifies emerging trends and explores shifting consumer behavior that helps retailers and brands better understand the market and their audience. Dicker has spoken at many leading industry organizations and shows, including New Hope Natural Products Expo, Supply Side, Plant Based World and many more and been published in top industry resources, such as Natural Products Insider, Nutritional Outlook, and Whole Foods Magazine. He has a long-standing involvement in nutrition and wellness, working as a sports nutritionist and starting multiple entrepreneurial businesses in the field.
3f28963e168fc560185bddb43d687078-huge-prJohn Foster
COO, Wolf & Associates
John has been a staunch organic instigator and advocate in the organic community and industry for 30 years. He spent 10 years in organic inspections, reviews, and certification throughout North America and 10 years with Earthbound Farm, starting with the founders and ending his time there as the Director of Supply Chain Strategy under ownership by Danone NA. John has served on numerous industry Boards and Committees since 2000, including the the NOSB as a Handler Representative from 2010-2015. In the last several years, he has consulted in Organic Certification & Accreditation, Strategic Business Development, Change Management, Organic R&D & Climate Change Mitigation. In 2020, he partnered with Bill Wolf and Wolf & Associates to build out the capacity, reach, and impact of the business  and enhance the impact of organic food and agriculture for all. John is best known for his un-stereotyped problem-solving skills, thirst for applicable knowledge and esoterica alike, appreciation for absurdity and abstraction in all their forms, and squeezing in quotes from The Big Lebowski into everyday conversations. He revels in bringing the benefits of organic theory and practice to as many as possible and serving as a catalyst for positive change. 
3f28963e168fc560185bddb43d687078-huge-prRobert Haynes
CEO, Yoro
Robert Haynes  is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cadera Brands, where he oversees Sales, Strategy, Manufacturing, and Operations for all of Cadera’s offerings.  With 15 years in the food and beverage arena, he has leveraged his experience in beverage production, product development, import/export relations, product placement, buyer psychology, and distribution sales. Before Co-founding Cadera, Robert began his experience in beverage production in 2016 working Cellar Operations with Siduri Wines in Sonoma County, where he produced 500,000 bottles of Pinot Noir consisting of 20 different clone types.  After moving back to New Orleans, Haynes launched the Haynes Consulting Group, where he helped bars and restaurants achieve sustainability through cost analysis, menu development, labor planning, and sales forecasting.  He has had the pleasure of working with NOLA Wine Merchant, Baru, NOLA Art Bar, and Victory Bar.  With his experience from these partnerships, Robert began being mentored by Brian Perkins, the only Black sommelier of Galatoire’s 100 year history, which led to an intro with Bradley Alan Imports. His relationship with Brad allowed Robert to learn the finer details of import/export relations and logistics. After further harnessing his skills, Haynes expanded the Haynes Consulting Group to broker for emerging and niche boutique brands in alcohol. Robert has led strategies and activations for  Diageo and Jackson Family Wines.  In 2017, Haynes was asked to join long-time friend from Siduri, Yeshua Medrano as Assistant Winemaker of Bromberre Wines.  Serving as Assistant Winemaker since it’s start in 2017 Haynes produced two 98 rated by Robert Parker Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs and fostered distribution.  Implementing his experience, entrepreneurship and love of beverage, he created Yoro ™ in his office in New Orleans to bring to scale for production. Our goal was to allow the world to adapt to the ebbs and flows of everyday life and his personal experience with nootropics is a testament to its power. Robert brings his expertise in consumer goods development, sales and manufacturing, where he continues to push Cadera Brands to be an innovative Health & Wellness company of the future.  With contributing his personal values of consistency, quality, and education, he has taken an aggressive stance in his studies of Eastern Medicine, which reflects in Cadera’s offerings today.        
3f28963e168fc560185bddb43d687078-huge-prKenny Oyefara
CEO & Co-Founder, Elari Tigernut Root Milk
At Elari, we are dedicated to sharing the tigernut and its legacy with everyone we meet. Inspired by the significant impact the tigernut root can have on the health of our body and planet, we aim to nurture a vibrant community rooted in replenishment and to shine a light on the importance of a regenerative food system. Kenny is inspired daily by her husband and co-founder and their two kids.